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Get Your Beach Replenishment Sand From The Sea Instead of the Quarry.

Welcome to Yodock Simmons – Your Affordable Solution for Safety Barriers, Flood Barriers, Erosion Control and Shoreline Protection. Our innovative barrier systems are expertly designed to safeguard lives and property against nature's destructive forces.

With decades of proven research and a commitment to a safer, eco-friendly future, we're redefining flood protection.

Our barriers are in-stock and ready to ship nationwide. Join us in safeguarding communities and enhancing security. Experience the JoJo Block advantage today!

BYB Wave Buster

Flood Protection | Marsh/Wetland Stabilization & Creation | Shoreline Stabilization
Dike & Levee Overtop Protection | Bulkhead Replacement/New | Temporary Bulkhead/Cofferdam

48" H x 72" W x 72" L Empty: 330 lbs Water-filled: 5,000 lbs Sand-filled: 11,800 lbs

  • The Problem

    Current mitigation systems often demand substantial capital investment, large construction assets for installation, and ongoing service and maintenance, being complex and sizable.

  • The Solution

    Research and testing of the BYB Shoreline Protection System have shown it provides immediate, cost-effective protection and safety for aquatic life.

  • How it Works

    This system protects against waves, prevents levee damage, addresses beach erosion by reducing wave energy, and restores shorelines through efficient sand channelization.

You can't always predict, but you can always be prepared.

Yodock Simmons stands as a testament to resilience and innovation. Our mission revolves around the principle that while we may not always foresee the challenges ahead, we can always arm ourselves with the right tools and strategies to navigate them successfully. At Yodock Simmons, we're not just about offering solutions; we're about empowering individuals and communities with the confidence to face the unpredictable. With a history rooted in visionary thinking and a commitment to unwavering quality, our legacy extends beyond products and into the very fabric of preparedness.

Introducing the JoJo Block

Floods, a devastating natural disaster, result in widespread harm to homes, businesses, and communities. Factors like heavy rainfall, storm surges, and melting snow can trigger them. While we can't stop floods entirely, we can reduce their impact with our products.

The JoJo Block is our cutting-edge, portable security and crowd control barricade with unique features and benefits. Designed by Leo J. Yodock Jr., the original inventor of the Yodock barrier in the '90s, this advanced model comes with state-of-the-art enhancements, perfect for times when storms and disasters are on the rise. With the JoJo Block, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to mitigate the consequences of flooding and enhance security in critical situations.

Jo-Jo Block

Versatile On-Site Defense: Portable Construction Barrier Providing Superior Site Protection, Pedestrian Walkways with Fencing, and Floodwall Capabilities

Dimensions: 24"W x 72"L x 42"H

JoJo Block Custom Rapid Response Trailer/Barrier Packages.